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The Man, the Icon, the Legend, Snoop Dogg, is launching a mobile game studio and is looking for games to publish. We believe our game, Robot City Clash, could be their #1 hit. We’re asking for your help to make it happen.

Download the game, it’s free. Play at least 10 missions to truly fall in love with it. Then make a post on IG and tag @snoopdogg to let him know about this game. Use these hashtags: #snoopdogg, #robotcityclash. Let’s make history together.

Robot City Clash

In the year 2050, robots have joined the Force to serve and protect. In this amazingly fun game, packed with action and strategy, you control a squad of police officers and their robots against a gang of hooligans throughout the city you have sworn to protect. This game hold 70 missions, each requiring a different approach and tactic in order to win.

70 missions
There are 7 Levels where you will confront these hooligans. In each Level you will have 10 missions to complete. This game is not linear so do not expect to use the same strategy to win every time. The Ai was built to behave randomly most of the time so these hooligans will try many things to beat you that you may not expect. Also, the missions are not necessarily harder as you progress, though the first level is quite easy to help you get the hang of it. However, once you pass level 1, buckle up officer. But not to worry, no matter how simple or complex the missions become, this game is really easy to learn and will keep you entertained for hours and hours.

Summon your Robots
Each cop is assigned one robot during a mission. It’s up to you to decide when the cop summons his or her robot. There are 3 types of robots available to you: Runners, Defenders and Assassins. The Runners will get you Crystal coins, the energy source needed to activate the cops bracelets that allow them to summon the robots. The Defender will protect your cops and your base. And the Assassin will have one goal, eliminate the hooligans. In no time you will master each robot and use them to your advantage.

Become the chief of Police
You will need Gold coins to Upgrade your units to make them stronger and faster. You receive 2000 free gold coins when you first install the app. We advise you to upgrade your units often. When you do, not only does the missions become easier, you also go up in ranks. As you go up in ranks, the higher levels will become available to you. You start off as an officer and go up to become the Chief of Police.

This game is free to download but also contains in-App Purchases which allow you to buy Crystal and Gold coins. Crystal and Gold coins can also be collected by playing the game without requiring any purchase.




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