Billy Joe

Billy Joe

Billy Joe Martin is a 33 years old officer with the NYPD Robotics Police Unit. He is a brave soul who doesn’t mind getting into difficult situations for the team. Despite not being very athletic he is extremely valuable to them as he is strong like a horse and is the second best shooter on the team, though many would argue that fact.

This slightly overweight man is funny and the life of every party. He talks a lot and can be perceived wrongly as loud and foolish. He is a typical New Yorker who enjoys the noise and chaos of the overcrowded city. He enjoys the night life and is a very good friend to Maya. Movies and video games are his passion as well as watching sports; manly sports, like hockey, football, baseball and basketball. Of course his favorite teams are the Nicks and the Yankees, even though he has a thing for the Texas Rangers.

Billy was born and raised in Queens along with a brother and sister, to working class parents who worked at the New York Harbor and were members of the teamsters union. Even though he had a low income background, Billy Joe has always had a comfortable upbringing. His parents worked tirelessly for him and his siblings to never miss anything. As a teen Billy used to get into fights with other boys in his neighborhood because to them he was an outsider. He was one of the few kids on his block that went to private schools. That school uniform put a target on his back. What these kids did not know is that Billy was extremely strong and all these fights only made him stronger. Soon enough everybody knew not to challenge Billy to a fair fight.

Billy was also a fan of cop and detective TV shows since his youth and has always dreamed of being a policeman. His love and natural skills with firearms was noticed very early by his dad on a hunting trip. Since then he made it a priority to bring his son to the practice range every chance he got. People would gather around to see him hit the target over and over with a precision rarely seen on a teenager. These moments with his dad meant a lot to Billy.

After his high school education, he completed a 2 years criminal justice associate degree course at Borough of Manhattan community college. He then enrolled in the New York police academy where he met Maya and they quickly hit it off. They soon became best friends and worked together at the same precinct after graduation.

Growing up in a tough neighborhood was a major contributor to Billy’s success in the police. Never was he scared, never did he back down in any situation. This fearless attitude and brute force in combat contributed to him getting honors after honors. When time came for Maya to form her team, Billy’s name was first on her list and as he told her, she did not even need to ask.