Officer Buck is approaching 50, but has the strength of a man in his thirties. He is an officer who works tirelessly to be the best at what he does. He always carries along his powerful shotgun he endearingly calls, his pet.

Buck grew up in Texas and had moved east so that he can be close to his daughter. But after a few months of awkward suppers and visits in which nothing much was ever said, it dawned on him that maybe he and his daughter no longer have anything in common. Who is he kidding; they never did, even back in Texas. What made him think New York would be any different? This was when he decided to put in more time at work; he needed it to keep busy to stop thinking about his daughter.

His reputation has grown fast through the ranks, which was a result of his tenacity and knack for going the extra mile. As a student, Buck desires to be in the force was obvious in his peace keeping and protecting roles. He was well known for restoring peace when a bully was causing any kind of trouble to anyone; especially to the Latino students who were the easiest targets. They had a friend and a protector in Buck and as an officer, the community Buck served fell the same way.

Though he worked with many colleagues he appreciated, one he truly admired was, Maya Joseph. A young female officer everyone was praising due to her work ethic and above average intellect. Everything about her had drawn him to her. They became very close and forged an almost father and daughter relationship. Buck was a no-nonsense person; and would not tolerate any bullshit or any mistakes from anyone, not even Maya. Somehow Maya loved that about him.

Together they enjoyed working on cases the other detectives could not crack. After his shift, he would many nights hang around to be with Maya and patrol the city on their own time. It was better than going to that empty apartment anyway.

Buck was married once, but the wife and he got separated when their daughter was only 3. 15 years later the wife died in an accident, hit by a drunk driver. It was during that period Buck had thought he would reconcile with his daughter, but things had not worked out, quite frankly his wife’s death probably worsened their relationship even more. He had missed his daughter, and since there was hardly any hope to be united with her again, Maya was the best person to fill the void.