David Winslow is a 34 year old Japanese American police officer who is one of the most decorated bomb squad officer of the New York Police Department. His father is an ex-American soldier who was based in Okinawa, where he met his Japanese wife, Dave’s mother.

Dave is an eccentric who loves living on the edge. He is a positive guy who is an avid extreme sports fan who travels around the world bungee jumping, skydiving and rock climbing. He is also a party animal who hasn’t heard a dance song he would not dance to. Shappa and he are best friends and share the same passion for mechanics, electronics and things that blows up. He is also a gregarious fellow who jokes a lot and loves playing pranks. Unlucky in love, he has no child, no girlfriend. Maybe his lifestyle or his job does not allow him to be too attached to anything or to anyone he find himself often wondering.

A military son who moved around with his family a lot as his father was being posted to different military bases around the world; Dave got used to be in a changing and diverse environments. When his father was posted in the Middle East Dave spent a lot of time with members of the army bomb squad where they showed him how to make and defuse any types of bombs. Of course these bombs never had any real explosives in them which Dave thought was really lame and insulting. So he often managed to impress them by making bombs with real explosive made out of ordinary ingredients he would find in his house. Dave was extremely curious, smart and creative. At 14 he could take apart any toy, any vehicle, and any home appliance and put it back together in no time. Most of the time the object would work way better after Dave put it back together. That doesn’t mean he did not many times almost set his home on fire.

In high school Dave took part in almost every science and engineering clubs and still did not mind hanging out with the roughest kids. He was a popular nerd which was unheard of. He went on to study robotics and electronic engineering at CALTECH. In only his second year someone placed a homemade bomb at the dean’s office. While everyone ran off, Dave went over and diffused the bomb before the bomb squad arrived. The police officers were shocked and Dave became a sensation online.

After college the New York Police Department offered him a leadership position and Dave took it. A lot of companies sought him too but his final choice was between the NYPD or NASA. His choice surprised a lot of people but not his dad. He knew Dave would turn down any job for the chance to wear the Uniform and the honor to serve and protect.