Jamie Wong is an NYPD police sniper with the Robotics Police Unit. The 26 year old is a third generation Asian American with a reputation as one of the best snipers around. Jamie is an excellent martial artist and loves reading books, especially novels. She believes in the ability to master the mind and by extension her body. She regularly works on this in her meditation and yoga sessions along with her other physical trainings. This enables her to always keep calm in the midst of danger while she works her way out of trouble.

Jamie grew up in New York along with an older brother where her parents ran a Chinese diner started by her paternal grandparents soon after their migration from China. Unfortunately things hit a rough patch when she was 8 years old as her mom got into gambling. Her mother eventually lost the family diner but a few years later started a new one with her sons’ help after he dropped out of school and started working many jobs to help his mom get out of debt.

Jamie picked up martial arts and long range shooting while in high school and was extremely good at it. Unfortunately the Red Dragons, a local Chinese criminal gang, learned about her abilities and used this as leverage against her brother who borrowed money to get their mother’s diner up and running. Something he, of course, told no one in the family. Jamie had to do a few jobs for the gang when she was in her final year in college. As their sniper she could hit any enemy of the gang without ever being in danger, never being caught. She was so precise; she made sure to never kill anyone. Many times Jamie wanted to leave but each time the gang threatened her family so she felt she had no choice but to stay put.

Maya Joseph led a raid on the gang, arresting all of them including Jamie but unknown to her Maya had been watching her for a while during her investigation. Maya appreciated her gifts especially the way she always managed to get away from the police or any crime scene she was involved in; the way she never killed her targets when she was in a position to do so. She gave Jamie a choice; join the force and all charges against her would be dropped. Jamie did not hesitate and agreed to the deal.

Jamie enrolled in the police academy and after graduation; served as a patrol officer in Queens for a couple of years. Maya kept an eye on her and as soon as she was chosen to lead the Robotics Unit, she invited Jamie to come aboard. Some in the NYPD were against Jamie’s fast tracking into the force, but she had more than proved herself. And, to be honest, the only opinion that mattered to Jamie was that of her new boss and mentor.