Kyle Romanovich is a 28 years old member of the New York Police Department Robotic Policing unit. He is also an ex member of the Navy Seals team 8. He is a firearms expert and a lethal hand to hand fighter.

Kyle is a quiet man who is very rigorous about his daily fitness regime and his diet. In his spare times, he is usually reading, with scientific reports being one of his more frequent reading materials as he claims to be a born again Nerd. His best friend is his German shepherd, Bruno, a dog that served with him in the Seal’s canine unit.

Kyle was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico to parents who owned a medium scale livestock ranch. He is the youngest of 5 and the only boy. His worldview was shaped by these 4 sisters who made a gentleman out of him. Kyle grew up working on his parent’s ranch. This toughened him up and made him a hard worker from an early age. He played football in high school and was a quarter back for his Alma mater.

Kyle was the star in his hometown. A party was not a party until Kyle showed up. He was all set to attend the University of Alabama on a football scholarship, but after catching his long term girlfriend, in bed with his best friend, he changed considerably. Football was no longer on his mind. He got really depressed and found it difficult to be around people so he kept to himself for months.

After high school he enlisted to the US Navy. As soon as he finished his training he opted to become a Seal. 3 years later he completed all his trainings and passed all his tests with flying colors. He was soon deployed for his first mission in South America. The next seven years will see Kyle involved in various operations globally as a member of Seal Team 8 including the assassination or rescue of some highly important targets in Russia and Africa.

Though he enjoyed being a navy seal, he was missing home tremendously. In one of his magazines he read about the NYPD state of the art Robotic Unit that was being put together by Captain Shawn Adebayo and loved the idea of joining. He sent a letter to the precinct to voice his interest and praise for the initiative. The letter ended up on Maya’s desk who invited Kyle to the team after thoughtful consideration. She was worried about bringing a military component to her Unit as she wanted it to have a community approach but the fact that Kyle took the time to send a kind and well written letter and not his Navy Seal glorious resume made her feel that he would be a good fit for the team.