MayaLieutenant Maya Joseph is one of the lead officers of the New York Robotics Police Unit. She is a cute, dark skin sexy lady that no one dares to mess with. She always wears a smile which endears her to many people. An assertive personality who loves travelling, she usually is the life of the party. And to nobody’s surprise, she can also hold her own in any conversation about any topics as she loves reading and learning about everything.

She was born 33 years ago in New York to Haitian parents, who migrated from their home country seven years before Maya was born. She is the middle child of three children, all girls, who grew up in a run-down apartment complex in the Bronx, New York. Maya loved action films which made her interested in martial arts at a young age. Her father, Pierre, enrolled her and her sisters in martial arts classes so they could keep out of trouble in the neighborhood and gain confidence. Maya also has a heart for helping people which saw her involved in standing up for and defending weak people from bullies, at times making use of her martial arts skills. She’s led and been involved in many community initiatives from her teen years until today.

Maya was close to her parents, Pierre and Roseline, who did a lot to make their daughters comfortable, always being there for them for support and as confidants despite having to take on second jobs to supplement their incomes. This kept the girls focused in a volatile neighborhood throughout elementary and high school. Their hard work would pay off and the family would eventually move from the Bronx to Park slope.

Maya loves to socialize but still kept her focus, competing in martial arts and performing excellently in school while being involved in community projects. This led to her winning a martial arts scholarship to study criminal justice at New York University.

Unfortunately, Pierre died from complications arising from cancer while she was in NYU. Maya was devastated and almost dropped out of school. But in honor of her father, she persevered and graduated. This made her and her mother, Roseline, closer. She then went to the police academy for 4 months where she graduated with honors and quickly got her first job patrolling the streets of NY.

Maya is a disciplined self-starter. She is a very good speaker and was regularly invited to many police-community forums all over the State. Along with the empathy she shows and her soft spoken manner, Maya have made many people notice her early as the leader she would soon become. Her physical fitness and mastery of different martial arts techniques allowed her to apprehend criminals sometimes twice her size. Her keen intellect coupled with her study of criminal minds and behavior, have also lead her to solve many criminal investigations even though she was not a detective, even though they were not her cases. She did it on her spare times as a hobby. She never took credit for any of them; instead she willingly gave the tips and glory to the detectives in charge. But her superiors noticed and quickly promoted her to her present rank. When the roll out of the New York Robotic Police Unit started, she was tapped to be the second in command by the new leader of the squad; the one everybody calls Big Shawn!