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This is the story of an indie developer’s dream of building an amazing fast action strategy game that would include all of us. They say representation matter and we believe that to be true. We wanted to build a game with characters from all cultures and all walks of life. We wanted a game with strong female leaders and we wanted robots, lots of amazing robots.

The idea was to build a multiplayer open arena game but first we would start with the single player version, just so we could test it profusely, get the mechanics perfect and make it well balanced. Then we would create our Multiplayer version, then release it. Unfortunately, lots of problems happened along the way. We lost some developers, some designers, some partners, some investors, but we still pushed through. Then Covid hit and funding became almost impossible to come by.

So, we decided to at least release the single player version as a standalone game and come to you, the good people of the crowdfunding community, to help us finish the project and make our dream come true.

What better way for you to know about our project than to test the game? As we said earlier the single player version is already in the App Store and the Google Play store. Try it, give it a good shot. Try to finish at least the first 2 levels of missions. If after that you don’t think it’s one of the best action-packed, strategy games, you have ever played, you will know there is something alarmingly wrong with you. All jokes aside, if you like it, please show some love, give the game a five-star review, share it on your social media accounts, talk about it, support this campaign and invite other people to do the same. Here are the links to download the game.

Download the game for your Android Phone


Download the game for your iPhone

In the year 2050, robots have joined the Force to serve and protect. In this amazingly fun game, packed with action and strategy, you control a squad of police officers and their robots against a gang of hooligans and their robots throughout the city you have sworn to protect. This game hold 70 missions, each requiring a different approach and tactic in order to win.

Looking at the screen above, it’s easy to understand the concept of the game. The Cops are at the bottom, standing on their base and they face the Hooligans on top standing on their own base. As you control the cops, your orders are to always complete your mission goals before the Rush starts.

In this mission above the goal is for Billy (the cop on the left) to pick up a crystal bonus and kill an enemy robot. You start with 180 Crystal coins and the hooligans start with 140 Crystal coins. You both use these Crystal coins to summon your Robots.

The Rush happens when you or the hooligans no longer have enough Crystal coins to summon a robot. That’s when the hooligans will rush to your base. If they reach your base you lose. If the rush starts before you complete your mission goals, you lose. So in order to win you must complete your mission before the rush and eliminate the hooligans during the rush. No big deal, right? Good luck!!

Robot City Clash – Maya and Junior – The 2 main characters of the game

Robot City Clash – Deputies – Billy, Dave and Buck!!

The cops are always in a trio formation. The leader is always in the middle, with the deputies on each side. You lose the game if your leader is killed during the mission or if your 2 deputies are killed. The same thing applies for the hooligans. To win, during the Rush, you can either kill their leader or the 2 associates.

Some cops have special talents that will be useful throughout the game. Maya is the fastest cop on your squad. Billy never misses a shot. Dave is the bomb specialist. Jamie is your long range shooter. You will master their skills in no time.

Robot City Clash – Paco, Hakeem & Kuba – Not a trio you want to face!

There are 16 robots in the game and they are grouped in 3 categories. There are the Runners: they win you precious Crystal coins during battle. There are the Defenders: They will defend the cops and protect them mostly from other robots. They only attack humans when there are no robots in sight. And finally, there are the Assassins: Their only purpose is to eliminate humans and they are very efficient at it. Some assassins only focus on the enemy leader, watch out for them the most.

On most missions, each cop will be assigned a different type of robot. So, most of the time you will have a Runner, a Defender and an Assassin on your squad. To summon your robots, you will need Crystal coins. That’s why the Runners are so important as they win you Crystal coins when they reach the enemy’s base. Many robots have special abilities that you will learn as you play the game. Some can evade the bombs, some can hit more than one enemy at once, some can fly over blockages and so forth.

Robot City Clash – Levels & Missions

There are 7 Levels where you will confront these hooligans. In each Level you will have 10 missions to complete for a total of 70 missions. This game is not linear so the missions are not necessarily harder as you progress. The Ai was built to behave randomly so do not expect to use the same strategy to win every time.

These hooligans will try many things to beat you, things that you may not expect. Do not worry though, the first level is quite easy to help you get the hang of things. Once you complete your training, no matter how complex the missions become, you will always find a way to win. However, if you are really stuck, check out our multiple video tutorials on our website www.robotcityclash.com and on our YouTube channel for hints on how to win each mission. One thing for sure, this game is so fun, it will keep you engaged and entertained for months to come.

Robot City Clash – Development Team

We are a small group, very focused on our goal to always deliver the best mobile games our collective minds can offer. We have a solid background in 3D design and animation, coupled with years of experience in mobile game development and online marketing. With your help and that of a dedicated team of programmers and designers, we are confident we will be able to launch a multiplayer game in the coming year that will achieve our financial objective. From everyone involved, we wish you peace, love, prosperity and above all, good health for 2023 and beyond.

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