Shappa is the third in command of the NYPD Robotics Police Unit. He is a 37 years old Native American from a Sioux tribe of North Dakota. He is very good at hardware engineering and occasionally works with Dave on building new gadgets to help the squad. He is also one of the best hand to hand fighters on the team. He is a muscular, jovial man who everybody knows for his jokes and the pranks he pulls especially his annual ‘April Fools Special’ he does with Dave.

Shappa was born in Minnesota but moved with his parents to New York. His father was a self-employed electrical handyman who went on house calls. Shappa accompanied him many many times and learned aspects of the job no one else knew; Technics that no one else used. It was no surprise that Shappa finished first of his computer and mechanical engineering classes.

Shappa also got interested in African American culture at a very young age as a result of his environment. Hip hop was the only music he listened to. Jamaican food was the food he grew up on and it became his favorite. He had a lot of African American friends and to him being a Native American almost felt the same as being an African American. Most kids in his neighborhood viewed him the same anyway. When they fought he fought and in his neighborhood they loved a good fight so he became really skilled at it.

His dad did not mind him being around black kids at all but he still made sure Shappa knew about his own history. His own Sioux tribal culture which Shappa was in fact really proud of. He loved gloating about his great-great grandfather being one of the chiefs who worked closely with the famous Sioux chief, Sitting Bull. He was also very proud of his sister who runs a website and podcast that promotes Native American culture.

Shappa’s father had a friend, Gregory, who was a member of the NYPD. He always talked about his work which seemed really interesting to Shappa. Gregory encouraged him to join the police force after graduating college. Shappa took his advice but did not even wait for graduation. He joined the NYPD cadet corps while studying at John Jay College at night. His computer and mechanical skills more than guaranteed his position in the police after his college graduation.

Shappa’s skills and fighting abilities led him to easily apprehend criminals. He got promoted really fast as a result. He went to night school on to master various engineering courses over the years while rising up the police ranks. Shawn, the man in charge of the Robotics Police Unit took no time inviting him to join the team as their chief engineering specialist.