Captain Shawn Adebayo is the commanding officer of the NYPD robotics policing unit. This tall and strong 44 year old man is a second generation Nigerian American who is married to a New Hampshire native, Karen Nelson, with whom he has a set of twin boys. He is a very diligent and intelligent police officer who’s initiated many successful community/police programs. His wall is decorated with pictures of himself posing with very important local and national politicians who see him as one of the city’s heroes.

Many, including the mayor say Shawn almost single-handedly rebuilt the community’s trust toward the NYPD after these much publicized cases of corruption, police brutality and racial profiling made the headlines around the world. So when Shawn decided to create a Robotics Unit to better serve and protect the community, the commissioner took no time to agree and gave Shawn almost unlimited funding to build and operate it.

Shawn was born in Houston, Texas to a family of second generation Nigerian migrants who were career professionals. He grew up with an older brother, Curtis, his idol. Curtis and him only had good grades in school and excelled in sports. However Curtis got involved with the wrong crowd in high school as a way to rebel against his family’s over strict policies. He sold party drugs like ecstasy and Opioids to his fellow students and made a lot of cash doing so. Shawn knew what was going on but would not dare confront his brother about it and their parents were too busy and never noticed or suspected a thing.

Sadly Curtis paid the ultimate price when he was killed in a drug related shooting when Shawn was only 15. Losing his brother, his best friend, devastated Shawn, but that also made him double up on his studies and he easily earned an academic scholarship in administration at Cornell University a few years later. He fell in love with the city of New York and decided to settle there after graduation. In his brother’s memory Shawn enrolled in the New York City police academy a year later with the intention of making a major impact in his new community.

Shawn went tirelessly after the drug dealers and violent criminals and cleaned every neighborhood he was appointed to. His leadership qualities and diligence quickly became evident and the promotions quickly followed. At night he completed a master’s degree in criminology and he became a commanding officer after only 12 years on the force. He was assigned the toughest and most violent police precinct in the city. He turned it around and within 4 years it became the safest.

Shawn soon realized though that the world was changing fast. Everyone had now a personal robot. Some even started using their robots to commit crimes. Many police forces around the world were starting to use robots themselves. Shawn understood he needed to do the same, and he vowed his unit would be the best of all of them.